A Friend in Jesus Series Index

We recently ended our series A Friend in Jesus, which was a walk with Christ through the Book of Luke.  I thank God for the way He has blessed me throughout the series, and I hope and pray that along the way, you were blessed as well!

What I’d like to do is summarize everything from this series, as well as provide an index of the messages given, with a reference to the topic associated with each message.  If perhaps you would like to learn again a particular topic that was addressed in the series, this index will help you find which one so you can ask for a CD copy or go on the website to listen.

We started Luke in September of 2019.  Even though that was 2 ½ years ago, there are only about a little over 80 messages, which equates to about 1 ½ years.  That means there was about a year’s worth of holiday messages, as well as stand-alone messages sprinkled here and there. (* = special to me)


Becoming a Friend in Jesus* – (Introduction to Luke)

Major Starts Through Minor Parts (6-part subseries on how God uses minor characters like you and me to accomplish great things):

Part 1 – Zacharias and Elizabeth

Part 2 – John the Baptist

Part 3 – Mary

Part 4 – Joseph and shepherds

Part 5* – Simeon and Anna

Part 6 – boy Jesus

Preparing the Way (6-part subseries on how God prepares us to do His will):

Part 1 – Behold Your God (the prophecy of Jesus’ ministry)

Part 2 – John the Baptist (the man who prepared the world for Christ)

Part 3 – Submerged in God (a brief intro to baptism)

Part 4 – Pro-Legacy (the legacy/genealogy of Christ)

Part 5 – Into the Wilderness (how God gives uses loneliness for Him)

Part 6* – Temptation Observed (how to handle temptation like Christ)

Devotion Causes Division (on persecution)

Activity Demands Authority* (how to be active for Christ with His authority)

From Fishermen to Fishers of Men* (on evangelism)

I Am Willing (on compassion)

Always Ready for Christ (on obedience despite difficulty)

Lord of the Sabbath (on the Sabbath and the Lord’s Day)

It Only Took Twelve (how God can use a few faithful followers)

A Disciple’s Decision* (on discipleship)

True Blessedness (on the beatitudes)

The Most Controversial Message (3-part subseries on the topics of love and judgement)

The Root of Fruit (on the need for a changed heart)

How Firm is Your Foundation? (on trials in your life)

Attitudes of Approach (on attitude)

When God Visits His People (how to prepare for His coming)

How to Handle Missed Expectations (on disappointment)

Forgiven of Much (on forgiveness)

The Sower’s Handbook (on responses to the Gospel)

Letting Light Shine (on our witness)

Stillness in the Storm (on faith during difficulty)

Dealing with Demons* (on demonic activity)

Only Believe (on answers to prayer)

Finding Certainty in Uncertain Times (on perseverance during disappointment)

The Recalibration of a Christian (on obedience and cross-bearing)

Hear Him! (on listening to God)

Higher Than Our Ways (on trust)

The Duty of a Disciple (4-part subseries on obedience and discipleship)

Go and Do* (on good works)

The Distress of Distraction (on distraction in a believer’s life)

When You Pray* (2-part subseries on prayer)

Wrestling with the Religious (2-part subseries on religiosity)

Beware of Wearing a Mask (on hypocrisy)

Beware of Wanting the World (on covetousness)

When He Comes* (on the Second Coming)

The Division That Unites (on unity)

The Key to Understanding Suffering (on pain and suffering)

Qualities of the Kingdom (on the Kingdom of God)

The Greatest Invitation (on the Gospel invitation)

Surrendering Ourselves (on submission)

God’s Lost and Found (on straying from God)

God’s Reality Check* (on Hell)

Confront or Forgive? (on handling sin being sinned against)

Cleansed for Glory (on seeing ourselves in God’s eyes)

The Coming of the Kingdom (on end times)

The Persistent Petitioner (on perseverance in prayer)

Who Can Be Saved? (on the exclusivity of the Gospel)

How to Hear, “Well Done,” from God (on using our talents)

Countdown to the Cross (7-part subseries on the events leading to the crucifixion):

Part 1 – A Lord of Zealous Love (on emotions)

Part 2 – The Rejected Stone (on the authority of Christ)

Part 3* – Convinced of His Coming (on prophecy)

Part 4 – The Hierarchy of Heaven (on humility)

Part 5 – Veterans of Sacrifice (on being faithful in service to Christ)

Part 6 – Faith and Failure (how to handle failure)

Part 7 – The Hour of Darkness (on Satan’s power)

Excruciating Love (on the crucifixion)

Faith with Flesh and Bones* (on the resurrection)

Burning Hearts for Him (how to have a zeal for Christ)

The Glorious Goodbye (on the ascension)

A Friend in Jesus Epilogue* (4-part subseries on the events following Luke):

Part 1 – You Shall Be Witnesses (on the Great Commission)

Part 2 – The Promise of the Holy Spirit (why the Holy Spirit is necessary)

Part 3a – The Components of a Commissioned church (on the functions of the church)

Part 3b – The Components of a Commissioned Church (on the functions of the church)

A Friend in Jesus Finale* – (a summary)

May God receive all glory for any truth from this series that can strengthen your faith in Him.  When I look through some of these messages, I think to myself, “I would love to preach that one again!”  Others…perhaps I would rather change a bit first!

Now, the question is: Do YOU have a friend in Jesus?  Is He YOUR personal Lord and Savior?  Luke has given us the way to know for sure that we can answer with a wonderful “YES,” and follow Him for all eternity.